Quick and Easy...Cash Loans Today!

  • Bring in your merchandise and let us know how much you would like to borrow.
  • Our trained staff will evaluate the item(s) and discuss its loan value with you.
  • We will explain the terms, and answer any questions you might have about the process.
  • Sign the documents and leave with cash¬≠'s just that easy!


We loan on Gold, Platinum and/or Silver Jewelry. Items can be missing stones, broken or 100% re-sellable. Bring it in - we'll take a look at it and try to give you the most cash we can! Sorry, we cannot accept plated or gold-filled jewelry.


Loan Terms:

Loans are held for 60 days, and may be extended by paying a finance charge. A finance charge is based on the amount you borrow, and is calculated as follows:

  • Interest: Three percent per month. One month minimum interest on all loans or $3.00, whichever is greater.
  • Set-up Fee: 10% of loan amount on all loans and all loan renewals with a minimum charge of $2.00 and a maximum charge of $250.00.
  • Storage Fee: 5% of loan amount on all loans and loan renewals with a minimum charge of $2.00 and a maximum charge of $250.00.
  • Gun Fee: $3.00 on new loans, $1.00 fee on renewals, plus any fee that a government agency imposes on the PLEDGEE for holding or transferring a firearm.
  • Lost, Destroyed or Stolen Ticket Fee: A fee of $3.00 per loan contract.

Quick and easy - Cash loans. Bring your item(s) in today!
We also loan on a wide variety of Electronics, Firearms, and Guitars! 

Electric Guitar payday loan

Guns payday loan

Effective January 1, 2016 our Set-Up and Storage fees changed, see changes above.